About Me

Hello, I am Zenja Glass. Most people call me Z.

Like many of you, I am no stranger to pain, poverty, nor hardship; however, I am grateful for the fires. I now realize, it was all necessary for my refinement.

This website is for all those who dare to DREAM! My goal is to motivate and inspire you to identify and pursue your God-given talents, and to help you push past your fears and distractions to make your dreams a reality.

Just a tidbit about me... I am married with four children (all adults now). My oldest son recently passed away. I was raised by a young single mother who endured tremendous trials and lived most of my youth in poverty; however, I have been blessed to establish a career helping people find jobs for over 25 years.

I am also a podcaster/motivational speaker, an author, an entrepreneur for private label inspirational products, and most importantly, a woman after God's heart. 

Lastly, I strongly believe in helping those who are in great need. I am committed to helping children with chronic medical conditions and kids who are victims of human trafficking. I work closely with several charitable organizations to donate my time and my money to help those who can't help themselves.

Through lots of prayers and hard work, I am now following my dreams by providing mentorship services at ZenjaGlass.com, and creating inspirational video/audio content and motivational products to encourage people all over the world to draw closer to God and NEVER GIVE UP!

Much love to you all,