You Are a LION!

You Are a LION!

You Are a Lion!

I will never forget about 5 years ago when I found my daughter crying in her room because she was heartbroken about some girls at her school not wanting to talk to her anymore. She sobbed about having done nothing wrong and she didn’t understand why all of a sudden, they turned against her.

At the time, she was in middle school, and I am sure most mothers would have sympathized, held their daughters, and told them everything was going to be ok.  But in that moment, something inside of me sparked. I began to tell her things that came deep from within my soul. To this day, that was a moment she told me she would NEVER forget.

I closed her door and got directly in her face… only about 2 inches away from her. I said:

“Taylor, you are a LION! You are a lion because my blood flows through your veins, and the blood of Jesus flows through me.  I am a LION, and the power that is within me (by the grace of God) has been passed on to you. That power is the strength of God! Don’t ever beg someone to love you or accept you. Lions sometimes have to walk alone. Lions lead the way. Lions are courageous. Lions are powerful! And you are powerful because of the God that we serve. You are boldly and fiercely made! Things that would devour most people, do not devour us because He that is within us, is greater than He that is in the world. So you go to school and walk with your head held high because you know who you are in God. Don’t run after people! Run after knowing who you are… a beautiful, powerful LION in God!!! And don’t ever be afraid to walk alone, sit alone, or make new friends. Others will become attracted to the light they see in you. Don’t you EVER forget who you are... You are a LION!”

As I spoke those words to my tender young daughter, he eyes widened, her face expression completely changed, and she was empowered because for the first time in her life, she knew who she was!

Now some of you might say that was a bit much for a young girl who was simply crying about lost friendships, but I would like to tell you this: From that day forth, my daughter never had that issue again because she knew who she was… a LION in Christ!

For me, that issue was larger than simply a lost friendship, it was an identity issue. She needed to know WHO SHE WAS in Christ and the POWER that lived inside of her.

In fact, over the years, there have been a few precious moments when she would call or text me saying: “Mom, I need to hear that lion story again.” So I would text her back, “Taylor, you are a LION. You are a lion because…” She would reply, “Thanks mom!”

Why do I tell this story today? Well, I want to encourage you all to know who you are in Christ. No matter what you may be going through in life, know that you are a LION! You are fiercely and wonderfully made! You are courageous! And with God by your side, NOTHING can devour you!

You Are a LION!!!


Much luv,


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