50 Years From Now

50 Years From Now

Do yourself a huge favor. Close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine what life will be like for you 50 years from now.

I know you may be tempted to just keep on reading. I understand that social media and life is very fast paced, and you were probably not planning on reading longer than two seconds of this post; however, I want to plead with you to slow down for just a moment, and imagine the end of your road.

For some of you (if you are near my age) you might be thinking, "Well, I probably won't even be alive in 50 years from now." And that's O.K.

Ask yourself, what will be your legacy? What dreams will die with you? And most importantly, will you have any regrets?

I don't have any objectives in this post other than to get you to slow down for a moment, and realize that our lives are only a mist (Ecclesiastes 1:4, James 4:14). 

Day after day, we delay our dreams and give into fear, procrastination, and so many other things that hold us back from living life to the fullest.

I pray that your eyes are opened, and that you throw off everything that hinders you and pursue your dreams and your purpose in life.

This is how I position myself: Each day, as I step closer toward my destiny, I look fear straight in the eyes, and call his bluff!

Life is too short to not live!

Much luv,





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