About Me

Hello, I am Zenja Glass. Most people call me Z.

Like many of you, I am no stranger to pain, poverty, nor hardship; however, I am grateful for the fires. I now realize, it was all necessary for my refinement.

This website is for all those who dare to DREAM! My goal is to motivate and inspire you to identify and pursue your God-given talents, and to help you push past your fears and distractions to make your dreams a reality.

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It is better to give, than to recieve.

A key part to unlocking greatness is having the heart to care, and give to those in need. Below are some of the organizations that we love! They weigh heavily on our hearts.

  • Make A Wish Foundation

    The Make A Wish Foundation grants wishes to children (like my son) with chronic medical conditions, and we can NEVER thank them enough for granting his wish to go on a Disney cruise when he was younger. Even though my son has now passed away, we continue to provide monthly donations to them so that other children with chronic medical conditions can have the same experience.

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

    St. Jude Children's Research Hospital provides FREE medical care/treatments to all children with cancer/catastrophic diseases. They are a one of a kind hospital that has helped families all over the United States. It is with great pleasure that we donate to them on a monthly basis!

  • Cherish House from Reclaim 13.org

    The Cherish House from Reclaim 13.org provide housing and counseling services to children who are victims of human trafficking from the ages of 10 and up. I was honored to meet their manager in the Spring of 2016. They are amazing! As of December 2017, we donate to them on a monthly basis. We encourage you to contact them and do the same.

Unbreakable Collection

Introducing my Unbreakable Jewelry Collection. I designed and manufactured this special collection so that you and your loved ones will always remember, despite your trials, because God is your helper, you are are UNBREAKABLE!

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  • You Are a LION - Episode #003

    You did NOT receive a spirit of FEAR or TIMIDITY... but of POWER! Listen to this powerful motivational video of a conversation I had with my daughter to empower her with words of wisdom to help her rise up, and take her place as a lion in Christ.

    Watch NOW: You Are a LION 
  • Don't Compare Bananas to Potatoes - Episode #050

    Please do not ever fall into the TRAP of comparing your life to someone else... that's like comparing bananas to potatoes!

    Watch NOW: Don't Compare Bananas to Potatoes 
  • Cast Your Nets - Episode #072

    Are you willing to cast your nets again? And if so, are you prepared for the overflow?

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