You Are A Target!

You Are A Target!

Have you ever heard the phrase, "New levels... new devils"?

If you are pursuing your dreams, and doing your best to go after your God-given talents, despite the odds... despite your circumstances... despite what others may say, then don't be surprised when all hell breaks loose in your life.

It's suppose to happen.

Yup... I said it. It's suppose to happen!

One of my favorite biblical passages is the story of the wheat and the tares/weeds in Matthew 13. It's an amazing parable about a farmer who went out and sowed good seeds; however, at nighttime, the enemy came and planted weeds (some refer to as "tare") among the good wheat. 

The workers of the field panicked and asked the farmer if they should pull up the weeds and his reply is life-altering. He stated, "No, let them both grow up together" until harvest time (vs30). 

Yes, I know this is a parable and I have no desire to take a scripture out of context because I understand this parable was told by Jesus in reference to what the kingdom of heaven would be like, but what stands out to me is the basic principle of this parable: As good wheat grew, the weeds/tares grew up with it.

I have yet to find anyone who has achieved great accomplishments, yet did not endure tremendous roadblocks and hardships along the way.

The moment you take a step in the direction of your destiny, you become a target! I know this because it defines my life;  however, I am happy to tell you that just because you are a target, does NOT mean you will be stopped.

Despite the arrows that may be in your back, keep moving forward! Trust that God is your protector... your battleaxe, and don't you dare allow the weeds (i.e., the worries of this life) to slow you down.

In fact, I would dare say, be glad you are a target! That means you are doing something right!

Much luv,


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