Be 100% Authentic!

Be 100% Authentic!

It is sooooooo hard to avoid chasing down dreams that don't belong to you. It call them "shiny objects" because everyone has a compelling story about their success and what you need to do.

I am a living testimony to this because at some point in my nearly 50 years, I tried just about everything you can imagine to achieve "success".  And guess what? None of it worked.

FINALLY I learned the value in being 100% authentic, but that dear lesson came at a price. I paid with lots of tears, prayers, and years of frustrations from failed business adventures.

It wasn't until I surrendered and asked God, who am I in you? What talents have you given me that I can use to help my family, help others, and bring you glory?

That my dear friend is how this website came about. It was a struggle because I knew many people would not like the idea of me selling products, yet referencing God; however, I am being 100% authentic!

After lots of prayers and hours each day sitting at the lake, begging God to remove my fears and push me into my destiny, I said this to myself: "If I never sell one single product, I will know that I gave my all, used my God-given talents, and did my very best to be honest, transparent, and 100% authentic."

I will leave you with this: Stop following money, avoid shiny objects, stay focused, and follow your passion and your purpose.

Be 100% authentic and you will experience more success than you could ever imagine!

Much luv,


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